Affiliate Membership Application Form

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  • ∙ An Affiliate member is a person interested in furthering the objectives of SVAC.

  • ∙ Applications must be submitted by an SVAC member willing to act as sponsor for the Affiliate Member.

  • ∙ Affiliate Members are not entitled to the additional benefits given to juried SVAC members.

  • ∙ The fee for Affiliate Membership is $25 per year and is good for the fiscal year July 1 through June 30.
Please upload proof of residency such as a copy of a utility bill, rental agreement, or vehicle or voter registration. Must match Renewal Form. Absolutely no PO Box!

Affiliate Membership Guidelines

Each affiliate must agree to uphold the Bylaws and Standing Rules of Spanish Village Art Center (Copies can be found in SVAC office #17)


Affiliates not upholding their responsibilities will be subject to disciplinary action/dismissal stated by the rules below:


∙ First Offense: Leaseholder/ Sponsor will receive a letter outlining the offense and a suggested solution from the Executive Board.


∙ Second Offense: Affiliate will not be able to sit during a one‐month time period and will be on a two‐month probation from date of return.


∙ Third Offense: Affiliate membership will be terminated on third offense.


∙ Immediate termination without observance of the above warnings for inimical acts may be determined by the Executive Board/Board Members.

Studio Sitting Guidelines

∙ Be on time to open studio.


∙ Sign in at office #18 prior to opening the studio.


∙ Open and set up studio according to leaseholder’s instructions.


∙ Keep to 15‐minute limit for trips outside of the studio and utilize “Be back” signs.


∙ No headphones or watching TV while in studio.


∙ Limit cell phone usage.


∙ Do not close before scheduled time at end of day. Make sure all displays, signs etc. are brought in and umbrellas are collapsed for safety purposes.


∙ When guests enter the studio give them your full attention. Make eye contact and cease conversations with other artists or sitters.


∙ Do not discuss personal issues, gossip, negative subjects, or SVAC business in front of guests.

I understand and agree to the guidelines above.

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